Ruahlab holds unique technology to precisely analyze
and manage the respiration data of individuals worldwide

Ruahlab holds unique technology to precisely analyze and manage the respiration data of individuals worldwide

What is WeRAS?

WeRAS, which stands for Wearable Respiration Analysis System, is a core technology for analyzing respiratory signals using wearables and leveraging them for various services. It involves measuring respiratory signals through the device and a system that allows you to view them on portable devices like smartphones or smartwatches.

Revolutionary Respiration
Sensing System

Capture everything from the faintest to the most forceful breaths withour missing any data.
With an impressive 99% accuracy rate in counting breaths, it outperforms existing solutions.

Respiration Sensor

It accurately measures breaths, from very faint to strong and fast, without any data loss. Compared to existing devices that measure respiratory rate with relatively low accuracy, this technology can measure respiratory rate with 99% accuracy.

Compact, but accuracy systems

RUAH device consists of a sensor unit that measures the flow and movement of pressure-based air, a control unit that performs communication functions electronically, and a monitoring unit that can monitor respiration based on artificial intelligence.

Monitoring Motion

RUAH is also equipped with a motion measurement sensor. Allowing it to measure activities such as tossing and turning and coughing during sleep. The motion measurement sensor can be monitored through communication with the control unit.

AI Respiration Algorithm

It uses lightweight algorithms based on precise medical knowledge and databases to detect breathing patterns such as apnea, abnormal respiratory rates, orthopnea, and more by analyzing these breathing patterns.
Furthermore, it offers real-time diagnosis and management through a dedicated application where you can record and view the analysis results obtained through its own AI engine.

Next-generation Sensor

RUAH utilizes next-generation sensing technology, validated through research papers, patents, and competitions, to precisely measure respiratory information and provide top-notch diagnostic services.

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