Breathe Better
Live Better

Ruahlab provides personal sleep wellness device that precisely analyze
and manage the sleep apnea of individuals worldwide.

WE ARE Ruahlab

Lowering the barriers of sleep tests to provide solutions for sleep management

A global sleep tech company committed to promoting healthy sleep worldwide.

Keeping people healthy
and making positive impact.

Assists individuals around the world
in living better lives by offering variety of services

Sleep Apnea
Data Monitoring RUAH

Address sleep disorders through revolutionary sensing technology and AI algorithms.


Ruahlab holds unique technology to precisely analyze and manage the respiration data of individuals worldwide.


Collecting respiratory signals through revolutionary sensing technology.

AI Analysis

Precise analysis of respiratory information based on in-house developed AI-based algorithms.


High sensitivity device that allows consistent measurement and analysis,
along with a user-friendly app that provides respiratory analysis information.

A breath analyzer that can be easily worn anywhere

From real-time data analysis
to AI-based medical aids

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