Sleep Analysis
RUAH Device & APP

Introducing an app that provides high-sensitivity devices
and user-friendly respiratory analysis information for continuous measurement and analysis.

RUAH Device

Suggested Retail Price

190 USD


5.19 inch


1.77 inch


1.33 inch


1.25 ounce

Beyond Time and Space

Regular monitoring is crucial for managing sleep health. RUAH overcomes the limitation of traditional PSG test due to time and logistical limitations, alleviating the spatial and temporal limitations for the users.

Personal Respiratory Monitor

Through a wearable respiratory analysis system, one can record and monitor their respiatory condition. And by using the data, analyze one’s sleep state.

Even the slightest movement

User’s tossing and turning during sleep can also be accurately monitored. This information is utilized to analyze the quality and patterns of the user’s sleep.

Don’t miss these aspects!


comfortable fit with a lightweight device of approximately 35 grams.


Comfor-Centric Ergonomics

Engineered with a globally standardized facial structure

Outstanding Material

Detachable cover incorporated with medical-grade silicone

C-Type Port

Conveniently chargable with a C-type port.


Discover the significance of breathing

Monitor Your Breathing Real-Time

RUAH analyzes sleep state based on breathing information. Don’t you want to monitor your breathing status in real-time?

User-friendly Interface

With simple and user-friendly UI/UX, the analysis understandable without any specialized knowledge. Behind the intuitive interface, there’s a powerful AI engine. Get your sleep analysis results right now.

AI Powered Sleep Analysis Report

While the user is alseep, RUAH analyze your sleep patterns so that the user can examine the night.

Comprehensive daily sleep report, including details such as respiratory rate, snoring, tossing and turning is provided by analyzing sleep patterns. For continuous monitoring try using the sleep dashboard.

Experience a deeper understanding of your sleep with us!

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